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09-05-2000, 07:08 AM
Attached is a recent update to the Biomechanics Yellow Pages (BYP).
For more information about the BYP, please see below.

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RUN Technologies
Laguna Hills, CA USA

RUN Technologies offers the DATAPAC line of modular PC-based systems
for analog data acquisition, processing and analysis, in addition to
the new Myopac instrumentation system for recording EMG and related

DATAPAC Highlights: DATAPAC is an easy-to-use, yet exceptionally
comprehensive and versatile system designed to acquire, process, and
analyze EMG or nearly any other form of analog signal. Use DATAPAC
to acquire up to 32 channels on notebook computers or 256 channels
on desktops, with real time display capabilities and individually
selectable sampling rates per channel. DATAPAC also accepts data
files from many other external sources, including motion analysis
systems. A broad spectrum of data processing and analysis options
are available for performing FFTs, signal averages, histograms,
force plate analyses, burst analyses, range of motion studies,
latency and amplitude comparisons, and more.

Myopac Highlights: Myopac is a precision fiber optic telemetric
instrumentation system capable of recording up to 27 channels of
information (16 EMG, 8 DC channels for electrogoniometers,
accelerometers, etc., 2 multiposition footswitches, and 1
trigger/synch channel). Innovative engineering and solid
craftsmanship combine to make Myopac a uniquely affordable system
with signal bandwidth, accuracy, and reliability characteristics
superior to most traditional cabled systems, while at the same time
providing a degree of subject mobility to rival even the best
wireless telemetric systems.

URL: http://www.runtech.com/
Contact: Richard Lambert
Position: Dir. of Product Development & Marketing
Address: 25622 Rolling Hills Road
Laguna Hills, CA 92653, USA
Phone: 949-348-1234
Fax: 949-348-1234
E-mail: main@runtech.com

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