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09-06-2000, 12:51 AM
Dear Biomch-l Readers,

About 2 months ago, I sent a request on BIOMCH-L asking you to
participate to the survey organised by the VAKHUM project
(available from http://www.ulb.ac.be/project/vakhum).

This survey aims to define trends in the way you (and your
department ) are dealing with both morphological and kinematics

At the moment, we received only 14 answers ... this is quite
surprising because Biomch-l has over the 3000 members ... this
means that less than 0.5 % found the idea interesting enough to take
the time to fill the survey.

My today email will try to convince you to participate to our survey.

First of all, you must know that our aim is not commercial. So, your
opinion will not be used to make us richer (most of the 7 partners in
the VAKHUM consortium are Universities, which means that making
money is not our main purpose !).

Next, our aim is to produce high-quality data (morphological and
MAXIMUM OF PEOPLE. The data (raw, finite elements, 3D,
kinematics) will be fully documented, including the precision of the
methods used to perform the data collection.

Note that 2 VAKHUM partners are already making (limited) data
available through the ISB site. Now, we were lucky to receive
serious money from the European Commission (EC) to produce
even better data, and "to make it available to the Biomechanical
Research Community", this is clearly stated into the contract we got
with EC !

Now, this data will be better ONLY if it reach your expectations, and
ONLY if we (i.e. the Vakhum partners) can define some average in
the needs of our Biomechanics Community. Every week, requests
for data are posted on Biomch-L. Therefore, the availability of a new
source of data should interest numerous people (at least more than
0.5 % of the Biomch-l members!).

Last point: VAKHUM will also produce tutorials on functional
anatomy both for Engineers and Medical staff and students. Here
too, we need your meaning, and why not the meaning of your

Very last point: VAKHUM will produce data and tutorials anyway
(with or without your opinion), but the survey is a good opportunity
to tell us "make your data/tutorials the way I wish".

If you fill the survey, you could (hopefully!) be able in the future to
download data according a format you can directly use.

If you do not fill the survey, the probability that the VAKHUM data will
not be directly suitable for your own applications is higher.

So, hopefully, I convinced you to take the time to fill the 16
questions of the survey. It is available from

Note, the survey is only available in both DOC and RTF formats.

Please, fill it and then email/fax/post it back to my address (indicated
in the survey).

In name of the VAKHUM partners, thank you very much in advance
for your time, your help and your opinion !!


Serge VAN SINT JAN, Ph.D. | Marie Curie Fellow
VAKHUM project Co-ordinator | phone: + 32 2 555 6325
Dept. of Anatomy (CP 619) | + 32 2 555 6376
University of Brussels | fax: + 32 2 555 6378
808 Lennik Street | email: sintjans@ulb.ac.be
1070 Brussels - Belgium | WWW: http://homepages.ulb.ac.be/~sintjans
VAKHUM project: http://www.ulb.ac.be/project/vakhum

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