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Jorge Zapata
09-06-2000, 03:02 AM
I am working on a study involving the reduction of the stress
concentration created by a surgically drilled hole in cortical bone.
The research includes mechanical testing of bone and corresponding
finite element modeling. The bone used for the mechanical testing was
the tibia from racing greyhounds. To make the computer model I need the
mechanical properties of the bone; however, I have been unsuccessful in
finding any publications that have the tensile Young's modulus and
Poisson's ratios for canine tibia, much less that of a greyhound. If
anyone has this information or knows of any publications I would
appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.

Please send responses to jlz@ufl.edu and I will be happy to post any

Jorge Zapata
Applied Biomechanics Laboratory
University of Florida
Department of Aerospace, Mechanics and Engineering Science

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