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: Steve Laslovich Affiliation: Cospt
09-10-2000, 01:34 PM
I posted the following question regarding impulse calculation:

Can someone please provide a formula for calculating a pressure time
integral, (impulse ). I am using a series of hydrocell pressure transducers
and sampling at 100hz and would like to understand how total impulse values
are calculated. I have the pressure values as related to time and the
area,(cm2), of each sensor. I understand that the calculation is the average
pressure multiplied by the time the force is applied but I can't find a
reference to a formula. I am assuming that impulse values reported in the
literature are total impulse values?

I want to thank all those who answered. Here are the responses:

Dr. Di Christian Peham

Kathleen E. Costa, BME
Kathleen also sent me a specific example of the calculation using the
trapezoid rule and I will be happy to forward this upon request.

Jacqueline Schmit

Again Thanks so much for responses. There were others who asked for the
responses as well so as usual biomch-l provides such a great resource!

Steve Laslovich, PT, CPed

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