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unknown user
11-04-1992, 12:43 PM
Dear colleagues,

It is hard to express what Herman's death means to me. He was a
mentor to me, and taught me basically everything I know about 3-D
analysis of movement. I am indebted to him for this, and feel
priviliged to have known him. But there is still so much to
learn, and we (i.e. the biomechanics community) are now on our
own. That loss will be felt by everyone who knew him.

Herman's enthousiasm, and readiness to help should be an example
to all of us. He was unique and will not be forgotten. It is
frustrating to be so far away at a time like this. My thoughts
are with his family.

Biomch-L will continue to exist, and will (for the time being) be
administrated by myself, Krystyna Gielo-Perczak, and Christoph
Reinschmidt. But we cannot hope to come close to what Herman

-- Ton van den Bogert, University of Calgary
Biomch-L co-moderator