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Anand David Pandyan
09-13-2000, 06:51 PM
I am posting this message on behalf of Prof. Garth Johnson - If the re are
any clarification please contact him directly by e-mail -

Dear Colleagues,

Can I please remind you about the major Institution of Mechanical
Engineers Conference - "Comrades in Arms - Engineering New Solutions
in Upper Limb Surgery" to be held in London in April 2001. This is a
major interdisciplinary meeting on all aspects of upper limb and hand
surgery. I hope that you will take the opportunity to contribute to this
innovative meeting and look forward to receiving offers of papers by 27
October 2000 (Please note revised closing date).

Extended synopses of two pages, to include any diagrams, should be
sent to e_maycock@imeche.org.uk. Selected authors will be invited to
submit an extended abstract of 4 pages in length by 28 February 2001.
The conference papers are to be written and presented in English.
Abstracts accepted for presentation will be printed in a bound softback
book which will be issued to delegates at the conference.

Garth Johnson

A D Pandyan
Centre for Rehab. Eng. Studies (CREST)
M25 Stephenson Building
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU
e-mail to: a.d.pandyan@ncl.ac.uk
tel ++ 44 (0)191 222 5434
fax ++ 44 (0)191 222 8600
URL http://www.ncl.ac.uk/crest/

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