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09-14-2000, 04:49 PM
Dear Suscribers,

I would like to use a Flashpoint infrared led tracking system but can't
get any informations on how to communicate with the system. (The
Flaspoint was bought as a part of a computer assisted surgery and the
french distributor is not able to give me a complete documentation and
my mails to Image Guided Technologies, Inc. received no answers).
Could someone share with me informations on how to use the Flaspoint,
how to connect my computer with it and how to read the leds 3D
coordinates ?

Many thanks by advance,

Ingénieur Biomédical - Clinical Engineer
Groupe Hopale - Centre Calvé
72 Esplanade Parmentier
62608 Berck sur mer
tel : 03-21-89-31-99 (bureau)
03-21-89-31-89 (laboratoire)
fax : 03-21-89-33-18
email : sbouilland@hopale.com

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