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Dan Kelaher
09-15-2000, 12:58 AM
I have two questions that I haven't found answers to in my lit
searches. I hope someone out there can help me. I am interested in
cocontraction increases with agonist fatigue, specifically in the trunk

1. I have read two explanations of increased cocontraction with agonist
fatigue. The first is stability suggested by Kellis et al on the knee
and Potvin et al on the trunk. The second explanation is the "common
drive theory" by Psek and Cafarelli for which I can find no direct
follow up articles. Does anyone have any further information on the
explanation of increased cocntraction with agonist fatigue or any
furtherresearch related to the "common drive theory" as it applies to
cocontraction and fatigue?

2. In one experiemnt I am planing to do, I have to decide whether to
use gravity-assisted loading (eg, free weight type of loading) or
non-gravity-assisted/more controlled loading (eg, Kin-Com dynamometer).
These exertions will probably be isometric. Does anyone have any
thoughts/research findings related to the differences between these two
types of loading conditions? I have a suspicion that they may yield
different levels of cocontraction and agonist EMG levels.

Any thoughts on these questions would be very much appreciated. I will
post a summary of the replies after I receive them. Thanks.

Dan Kelaher
NCSU Ergonomnics Lab

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