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09-19-2000, 11:50 PM
I have some questions about EMG & Pedar.......
How to set up those two system in one notebook or PC ?

I set up the EMG system which is connected to the notbook by a DAQcard,
and I need to use the Pedar system & EMG at the same time.
How to connect those two system together & to run at the same time ?

Here is the instrument specification:
1.MA300 EMG system
NI DAQcard & Labview interface
2.Pedar & Pedar standard software
3.Acer travelmate 370 notebook

Stanley Shih
Institute of Biomedical Eng., Yang-Ming University
155, Sec.2, Li-Nung St., Taipei, Taiwan 112
Email: chwshih@bme.ym.edu.tw, Tel: (886) 28267000~5480, Fax: (886) 28267000~5479

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