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Tamotsu Tamaki
09-20-2000, 09:23 PM
Dear BiomechL-members

I posted a question of "CG software of knee motion animation" in May.
Thank you, who responded to my question.
This is the summary. I am sorry to be so late to post the summary.
I suppose Dr.Goodwin Lawlor's answer is uesful. And I am now trying it.
Thank you.
Tamotsu Tamaki/ Professor /Mailto:tamaki@nit.ac.jp
Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Nippon Institute of Technology
4-1 Gakuendai Miyashiro Saitama 345-8501 Japan
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A:----------------(Original post by Tamaki)-----------------------
Dear BiomechL-members

Our lab just started to use CG software of 3D studio Max distributed by
AutoDesk and we do not know well its application. We are trying to do CG
animation of knee motion to see how the reconstructed ACL ligament works
according to the femoral and tibial movements.
I hope someone will help us. We have slice data of bone shapes from MRI
or CT and 3D location of the inserted ligament on the bone.

(1) Is 3D-studio-Max software effective for this study?
(2) Are there any plug-in softwares to 3D-studio-Max to do this study?
(3) Are there any good softwares other than 3D-studio-Max for this study?
(4) Are there any database or site on knee shape and related ligaments ?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.
I will summarize responses.

Tamotsu Tamaki/ Professor /Mailto:tamaki@nit.ac.jp
Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Nippon Institute of Technology

B:----Response from Goodwin Lawlor ----------------------------------
3dsmax is good for animating 3d models but it doesn't do 3d reconstruction
(ie creating 3d models from 2d slice data). A good (free) software library
to do the reconstruction is VTK - have a look at it @
www.kitware.com/vtk.html . There is an example of a 3d reconstuction of a
femur @ http://www.crd.ge.com/~lorensen/vtkrib/femurDentedIvoryc.jpg using

You can create the model using VTK and save as a STL file which can be
imported into 3dsmax, I think. I'm sure you can draw the ligament in using
3dsmax from the coord data

Good luck!


Mech. Eng. Dept.
University College Dublin

C:-----Response from Ari Karchin ----------------------------------
Hello. My name is Ari Karchin and I am a biomedical engineering graduate
student at the University of California at Davis (in the US). I do not
have answers to your specific questions (unfortunately), but I am
interested in your research as I also work with ACL reconstructions in my
research. Specifcally, I study the amount of pretension that should be
applied by a surgeon before the tibial fixation device is applied so that
the kinematics of the reconstructed knee matches that of the intact knee.
Can you give me more information about the course of your research?
Thank you very much.

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group Program Director
Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCD Sac Hillel
Knee Research Lab, 530-752-2713 530-756-3708

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D:-----Response from Wagner de Godoy---------------------------
Perhaps the software 3d-Doctor can be useful in this process of
reconstruction of the knee.

Good luck in your work.

Best Regards,

Wagner de Godoy
Gait Laboratory
AACD - Associacao de Assistencia a Crianca Defeituosa
Disabled Children Care Association

E:-----Response from Steve Attfield---------------------------
I would be very interested to here the results of your questions on biomch_L
I have aslo done a lot of ACL work and I have recently installed software in
a commercial Biomechanics lab for measuring acl length. The lab is
measuring top level sports people, and prof. footballers, (Many
Internationals). The next stage of this work is to 3D model this work on
the knee. I have simple stick graphics but I also would like a completely
rendered model. Please post your results.

Steve Attfield

E:-----Response from Steve Attfield---------------------------
I've actually worked on a similar project as part of my PhD thesis and can
show you some of the results. I'm using bone data from Viewpoint. The
ligaments are modelling using my own mathematical and graphical models
(B-spline solids).

Studio max would be effective for this study, as it allows you to code
plug-ins to do this.
The code I wrote can also do such a thing. Perhaps we can talk more on this
Would you be interested in me sending you a Quicktime movie of the work?

Victor Ng-Thow-Hing

F:-----Response from ariel1 at netcom ---------------------------
Check at:

ariel1 at netcom

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