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09-22-2000, 02:25 AM
-- Intelligent Signal Processing Labs, University of Brighton, Sussex, UK.--
--------- Research Vacancy on scale approx 17000-24000 ---------

An opportunity to develop software skills as a member of an
established research group in leading-edge area of technology.
You will work on a project to develop new intelligent data
analysis techniques that can be used for monitoring and control
in a range of applications. There may be an opportunity to
extend the work to applying intelligent techniques to data
obtained ("mined") automatically from the internet.

The work will involve existing software tools (neural networks)
and developing them to enhance their capabilities, and also
the development of new neural network algorithms.

A good first degree in an appropriate subject is required;
a PhD in an appropriate field would be an advantage.

You should have good programming and software development
ability, and good laboratory, practical and measurement
skills. Some knowledge of neural networks or other intelligent
techniques would be an advantage.

The post is available immediately, fixed-term until the
31 December 2001 in accordance with the period of funding.
However, one of the duties of the applicant will be to
attempt to secure further funding to extend the period
of employment.

We are unlikely to be able to consider candidates who
are not currently available in the UK for interview.

To apply send a CV by email to:-

Please quote ref: SE4010

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