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09-24-2000, 12:21 AM
Here is this week's update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*.

Rodger Kram
Univ. of Colorado - Boulder
Keyserling, W. Monroe.
Workplace risk factors and occupational musculoskeletal disorders, Part 2:
A review of biomechanical and psychophysical research on risk factors
associated with upper extremity disorders.
AIHAJ. March/April, 2000. 61(2):231-243.

Marras, W. S.; Jorgensen, M. J.; Davis, K. G.
Effect of foot movement and an elastic lumbar back support on spinal
loading during free-dynamic symmetric and asymmetric lifting exertions.
Ergonomics. May, 2000. 43(5):653-668.

Boda, Wanda L.; Watenpaugh, Donald E.; Ballard, Richard E.; Hargens, Alan R.
Supine lower body negative pressure exercise simulates metabolic and
kinetic features of upright exercise.
Journal of Applied Physiology. August, 2000. 89(2):649-654.

Rassler, B.; Kohl, J.
Coordination-related changes in the rhythms of breathing and walking in humans.
European Journal of Applied Physiology. July, 2000. 82(4):280-288.

Hirano, T.; Turner, C. H.; Forwood, M. R.; Johnston, C. C.; Burr, D. B.
Does suppression of bone turnover impair mechanical properties by
allowing microdamage accumulation?.
Bone (New York) July, 2000. 27(1):13-20.

Wingfield, C.; Amis, A. A.; Stead, A. C.; Law, H. T.
Comparison of the biomechanical properties of rottweiler and racing
greyhound cranial cruciate ligaments.
Journal of Small Animal Practice. July, 2000. 41(7):303-307.

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