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09-24-2000, 11:14 PM

I guess I underestimated the interest in manipulandums, so I decided to put the information on the list and save me some time. Here it is:

John Barden wrote:

My suggestion is to find a KinCom or Cybex isokinetic dynamometer. I use a
KinCom in my research and it will perform passive movements (although I do not
use it for this). Although I haven't used one I'm sure a Cybex machine
will do this too.

Frank Tendick wrote:

One place to start your search is:

Robert Darmana wrote:

A french company is specialized in such devices and is able to design and
manufacture. Its name is HEF, it is in Saint Etienne, you can contact
Mister Gaucher or Mister Sauvignet, e-mail: medical@hef.fr, fax 33 4 77 55
52 00, phone 33 4 77 55 52 22. The last device she has made is a treadmill
measuring the ground reaction forces during gait in the 3 directions.

Ambarish Goswami wrote:

Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi, currently at Northwestern, has extensively used
manipulandums for his studies. As far as I know, they were built
in-house at MIT. However, try to contact him and see if he
knows anything about any commercial device. His e-mail
is: sandro@nwu.edu

(I edited a few lines from the responses)

Thank you all again for your help. I appreciate it.


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