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David Mitton
09-25-2000, 06:03 PM
The Laboratory of Biomechanics (ENSAM, Paris) has a position
available for a Ph.D. student (three years).

The project is to investigate the mechanical characterization of biological
tissue (bone, ligament, intervertebral discs) using a new low radiation
dose Xray imaging system based on the detectors of Pr. G. Charpak (Physics
Nobel price in 1992).

The candidate should preferably be a Mechanical Engineer with a strong
interest both in mechanical testing and in computer image analysis.

For consideration please email your CV to Pr. W. Skalli. For more
information about the Laboratory of Biomechanics see
http://www.paris.ensam.fr/web/lbm/12152.html or contact Pr. W. Skalli or
Dr. D. Mitton.

email: Wafa.Skalli@paris.ensam.fr, David.Mitton@paris.ensam.fr

Laboratory of Biomechanics
151 bd de l'hopital
F- 75013 PARIS

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