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Lorcan Coffey
09-27-2000, 01:39 AM

I am working on a project that aims to validate a digital human model
used in the ergonomic analysis of workplace design. The aim of the
validation is to study how realistic the biomechanical aspects of the
model are by comparing with human subjects. During my literature search
on this subject I have noticed several authors mentioning the need for
the establishment of a standardised validation criterion for such
models. This would allow different models to be objectively compared and
a potential user could choose the model that best suits his/her
application. My question is this:

Is anyone aware of any such standard validation criteria being used or

If anyone has carried out work in a similar area I would be grateful to
hear from them and to hear of any advice they have to offer on this

Thanks in advance,

Lorcan Coffey
Bioengineering Research Centre
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
University College Dublin
Dublin 4
Republic of Ireland

Tel: ++353-1-7061878
Email: lorcan.coffey@ucd.ie

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