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Anne Marie Fequet
09-29-2000, 03:23 AM
HI, I am a 2nd year physiotharapy student at Queen's Univ. I am trying to
get information on the effects pregnancy has on the degree of change of
lumbar lordosis, anterior pelvic tilt and line of gravity in relation to low
back pain. I have already searched MEDLINE and several biomechanics sites
and found the following so far (we have a limited library here!):
1)Ostgaard, H.C. et al. 1992.Influence of dome biomechanical factors on
low-back pain in pregnancy. Spine 18:1
2)Moore, K. et al. 1990.Postural changes associated with pregnancy and their
relationship with low back pain. Clinical Biomechanics 5
3)Jensen, R.K. 1995.Changes in segment mass and mass distribution during
pregnancy. Journal of Biomechanics 29:2
4)Foti, T. 2000. A biomechanical analysis of gait during pregnancy. Journal
of bone and joint surgery 82:5
Of these studies, most obtained very weak correlations, if any, between the
above mentioned parameters and LBP. It does not seem to be clearly shown
whether or not there are significant changes in lumbar lordosis, base of
support (relative to pelvic width) line of gravity or pelvic tilt during
pregnancy. So, I am left wondering how the tasks of sitting and standing are
affected - or if they are at all. If anyone has some insights I would like
to hear them.
Anne-Marie Fequet
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