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Mike Whittle
10-01-2000, 09:51 AM
In reply to my question about incompatibility between Vicon Clinical
Manager version 1.37 and Windows 2000, Ed Morra made the following suggestion:

>You can use a little known utility that Microsoft has made available
>in Windows 2000 called . This can fool your
>application in to thinking that it is being run on Windows NT, 98 or
>95. The utility is part of the Windows 2K support tools found on
>your installation CD. Apcompat.exe and documentation can be found in
>the file .

Unfortunately, this did not work for me, but may work for other people (or
for other "problem" programs). I think I will have to go for a
"double-boot" solution...lovely! Thanks to Ed and a few other people for
their suggestions.
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