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10-02-2000, 07:19 AM
Attached is a recent update to the Biomechanics Yellow Pages (BYP).
For more information about the BYP, please see below.

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Motion Analysis Corporation
Santa Rosa, CA USA

Motion Analysis Corporation is the premier worldwide manufacturer
and distributor of 2D and 3D Real-time collection and display
optical motion capture (MOCAP) systems designed for Movement
Analysis, Animation and Media Production, Robotics, Industrial and
Governmental applications. Our MOCAP products include:

1) Real-Time HiRES: A high resolution and most accurate-real-time
display motion capture system to acquire, analyze and display three
dimensional data

2) 3D HiRES: A high resolution and most accurate-post processing
display motion capture system to acquire, analyze and display three
dimensional data

3) Motion Analysis Software: OrthoTrak: Clinical Gait and Movement
Analysis software, KinTrak: flexible and fully integrated, 3D
Biomechanics software to analyze and report kinematics and kinetics.
Musculographics Software: integrated real-time and post processing
3D modeling, visualization and reporting software.

4) EMG Systems: provide and integrate wireless telemetry and cabled
EMG systems with a HiRES system for measurement of muscle forces

5) Force Platforms: provide and integrated strain gauge and
piezo-electric platforms with a HiRES system for measurement of
ground reaction forces.

6) Falcon Camera: Proprietary HiRESolution-240 hz camera with lens,
strobe controller, HP LED ringlites and digital integrated circuitry

7) Customer Service and Support: worldwide support and service from
our headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA with remote locations in Japan,
Australia, United Kingdom, Asia and South America

URL: http://www.motionanalysis.com
Contact: Daniel India
Position: Vice President Biomechanics
Address: 3617 Westwind Blvd
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 USA
Phone: 707-579-6500
Fax: 707-526-0629
E-mail: Sales@motionanalysis.com, Info@motionanalysis.com,
Last Update: 9/6/2000

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Joy Kocar

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