View Full Version : Structure for Gait Lab Raised Floor

Brian E. Moyer
10-03-2000, 01:56 AM
Hello all,

We are planning to renovate space for a new gait lab and would appreciate
advice concerning both the design of and materials for a raised floor/runway
for this lab. Our goal is to support our force plate(s) so that the bearing
surface is level with a stable and solid walking surface. In our existing
space a floating wooden deck with a thick plywood sheathing has been built
on top of the existing floor. This solid and stable approach worked well
for force plate location flexibility, for data cable routing, and for
surface finish options; however, we have been informed that due to fire code
issues, this type of approach would now require an integrated sprinkler
system under the support surface which would obviously add significantly to
the cost.

Any experience you may have had with alternative approaches for raised floor
construction would be greatly appreciated.


Brian E. Moyer

Human Movement and Balance Laboratory
Bioengineering Department
University of Pittsburgh

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