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unknown user
10-04-2000, 09:02 PM
Hi folks
We are currently interested in determining EMG power spectrum
median and mean frequencies. I am using LabView for most of the
signal processing but have reached a stumbling block when it
comes to determine these frequencies from the output of the power
spectrum.vi. Can anyone give me any pointers to get me on my
way or possibly have already written a similar vi that they are
willing to share?
Also any other information of the availability of other related EMG
processing / analysis labview.vis gratefully received. If there is
enough interest we are willing to set up a web-repository of EMG
related LabView vis & sub-vis if such does not already exist.

Any info appreciated
Dr Mark A Goss-Sampson
Principal Lecturer
Sports and Exercise Sciences
University of Greenwich
London SE18 6PF

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