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unknown user
11-08-1992, 01:43 PM
Dear Colleagues,

I am one of many who came to know and admire Herman Woltring solely through
this list. As I wrote to him recently, I have only a peripheral interest
in the content of BIOMCH-L, but I have remained on the list just to
participate vicariously in such an expertly edited international discussion,
one which I told him was a model for anyone hoping to use the Internet
to promote discussion and understanding, even of complex topics.

Like many of you who had the privelege of knowing him personally, I came to
appreciate his thoroughness, his astonishingly prompt replies, and his good
will and good humor. The Internet seems much less hospitable tonight, and
we have all lost an invaluable colleague and friend.

Kindest regards to his family,

Daniel Updegrove
Associate Vice Provost
University of Pennsylvania