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10-06-2000, 07:44 AM
Attached is a recent update to the Biomechanics Yellow Pages (BYP).
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Charnwood Dynamics Ltd
Leicestershire, England

Charnwood Dynamics produces the CODA automated 3D motion tracking
system, biomechanics software (including dynamic estimation of joint
centres), 64 channel A-D module and optically telemetered EMG

CODA exceeds the resolution limits of video cameras with a unique
design based on linear photodiode arrays. Powerful and innovative
real-time correlation techniques allow all the sensing pixels in
each special camera to provide continuous information about the
position of IR LED markers.

The main benefits of this approach are:
- Real-time (5 ms latency).
- Resolution of motion as fine as 0.1 mm.
- Automatic tracking and identification of 56 markers.
- No need for manual digitisation.
- Sampling rates up to 800 Hz.
- Small markers which can be placed touching close.
- Markers are powered by miniature units on the limbs preventing
wires across joints.
- Factory calibration of triaxial instrument eliminates field
- Synchronous acquisition of Force plate, EMG, and event data plus
real-time outputs.
- Fully analyzed data is on screen seconds after acquisition.
- CODA is small, robust, and very portable.
- Operates both inside and outdoors.

Extensive motion analysis software provides powerful and easy to use
tools for clinical, sports, and ergonomic analysis. Advanced 3D
clinical gait analysis is also fully supported.

URL: http://www.charndyn.com
Contact: Rebecca Cole
Position: Sales & Marketing Executive
Address: Victoria Mills
Fowke Steet
LE7 7PJ England
Phone: +44 (0) 116 230 1060
Fax: +44 (0) 116 230 1857
E-mail: info@charndyn.com
Last Update: 9/20/2000

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