View Full Version : Kinematics and kinetics of volleyball

unknown user
11-09-1992, 04:00 AM
After a thorough literature search, I have found only one abstract
specifically related to 3-D kinematics and kinetics of the upper extremity in

Chung, C.S. (1989). The kinematics and kinetics of the shoulder and elbow
joints during the volleyball spike. Proceedings from the 12th Congress
of the International Society of Biomechanics, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.

Does anyone in the listing have any knowledge of further publications from
this paper? Chul Soo Chung is not a subscriber of BIOMCH-L, but if anyone knows
his telephone, FAX, or E-MAIL listing, I would appreciate the information. Any
other relevant references will be gladly received.

Thanks in advance,

Peter Vint