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Nitin Moholkar
10-12-2000, 04:25 AM
Last week I asked about field capable VCRs.
The bulk of the responses recommended the Panasonic AG-7350
Other choices were Panasonic AG-4700, AG-6200, MD-830, AG-DS840,
AG-DS850, and DV2000, which is a miniDV VCR.
Note : Not all of these models are still being made.

For more information on field capable VCRs, here is an explanation
from James Carollo:
>NTSC video requires that fields 16.7ms apart be interlaced into odd
>and even fields
>(odd fields are the odd numbered scan lines, even the even numbered
>scan lines).
>Presented together, they comprise a frame, 33.3ms apart (30Hz). Most consumer
>and industrial level VCRs present slow-motion as individual fields, but they
>skip either the even or odd field. For example, if they begin with an odd
>field, then the correponding even field is shown next, but then all
>successive fields are even (sequence odd, even, even, even, ...). You have
>to get into much more expensive broadcast or animation decks to be field

Thanks to all those who responded.

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>Subject: VCR showing both fields
>We are looking for a VCR that is capable of showing both fields of
>the frame individually. Most video frames are made up of two fields,
>and common VCRs show either one or the other. We are looking for a
>VCR that can show both fields individually. Our old VCR, a Panasonic
>AG-1970 was capable of doing that, but it is no longer being made,
>and we would prefer buying new rather than used.
>Thank You for any help.
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Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.
-Groucho Marx

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