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10-12-2000, 05:17 AM
Liberty Mutual Research Center for Safety and Health

Research Associate - Biomechanics

We are seeking an experimental support engineer to work with senior
researchers to conduct laboratory studies in our biomechanics laboratory.
The position requires a B.S. (minimum) or M.S. in biomechanics, biomedical
engineering, electrical, mechanical or equivalent. This research associate
will be expected to setup and conduct experiments, collect physiologic data
and participate in the analysis of these data. The position requires
general knowledge of analog/digital hardware and demonstrated programming
skills. Experience with Visual Basic, Labview preferred. The successful
candidate will be trained in setup, operation and maintenance of state-of
-the-art instrumentation and apparatus in our biomechanics laboratory which
includes motion analysis, flock-of-birds, force plate, and EMG. This
research associate will work with our electronics lab and machine shop on
the design of custom apparatus for specific laboratory studies.

Recognized by scientific awards from around the world for contributions to
the improvement of workplace safety and health, the Research Center employs
a multidisciplinary, team-oriented staff of researchers representing fields
including: biomechanics, cognitive psychology, industrial/organizational
psychology, epidemiology, tribology, physiology, engineering, sociology,
biostatistics, and the clinical sciences.

The Research Center is located on 86 acres of woodland 25 miles west of
Boston, MA.
The Research Center is fully funded and committed to peer-reviewed
publication of all its findings. For more information about the Liberty
Mutual Research Center see our website at

Interested individuals should submit resume to:

James E. Klock
Director of Operations
Liberty Mutual Research Center for Safety and Health
71 Frankland Road, Hopkinton, MA 01748 USA

fax (508) 435-8136
e-mail: jamesedward.klock@libertymutual.com

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