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10-12-2000, 04:05 PM
Children, at least occasionally (and possibly often), carry objects which
are, for them, relatively large and/or heavy (such as equipment and
furniture) when at home, at play, at school, at sport, and probably other
venues. However, there seems to be a dearth of information on functional
lifting capacities for children and on the relationship between lifting and
injuries in children.

The only two sources relating to "lifting capacity" that I've found so far,
data from which are reported in the UK Dept. of Trade & Industry "Childata"
database, are :

Owings et al (1977) Gripping strength measurements for children for product
safety design. US CPSC Report 014926-F

McClelland & Thompson (1976) Ergonomic data for evaluation and specification
of operating devices on components for use by school children. UK Research
Institute for Consumer Ergonomics; Report 75/2/21.

As is obvious from their titles, they are not very specific to "whole body"
manual lifting and carrying, and report only the relatively isolated
"lifting" actions such as might be employed when operating a lever or
handle. Also, as I imagine those reports are not readily obtainable, little
information is available on the methodology employed.

A additional consideration in children, especially the younger age groups,
is their immature motor control in general and, in particular, for bimanual
load lifting tasks. I have so far only found one paper relating to this
aspect :

Schmitz, C. et al (1999) Development of anticipatory postural adjustments in
a bimanual load-lifting task in children. Exptl Brain Research, 126(2),

Does anyone know of any sources of information on lifting
strengths/capacities for young children? Does anyone know of any studies on
load lifting in children from a motor behaviour/control/learning

I will post to the list a summary of any replies and reference sources

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