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Beverly Cusick
10-13-2000, 07:08 AM

On behalf of the sponsoring agencies, in response to recent inquiries, and
for those of you or your colleagues who are interested in attending courses
regarding current LE deformity management principles and techniques for
children with CNS dysfunction, these 5 courses were just confirmed:

Developmental/Closed-Chain Biomechanics: Implications for Orthotic Design,
New Rehab Strategies, and Taping for Neuromuscular Re-education.
All courses listed below offer open enrollment for seminars within the
capacity of the facility to offer seating. Lab session enrollment is
limited to 24 with an assistant instructor, featuring labs on LE
musculoskeletal assessments and taping:

January 23-30, 2001: St. Mary's Hospital, Bayside, NY - Contact: "Nechama
E. Karman"
March 10-15, 2001: University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, and
March 23-28, 2001, Melbourne, Victoria.

Advanced Course: New Developments in the Sciences with Clinical Implications.
Seminar enrollment is limited by available space.
Lab sessions are limited to 24 with an assistant instructor, and are open
only to alumni of Cusick's Developmental Biomechanics or Current Concepts
courses since 1992.

For information regarding all 4 courses in Australia, contact: "Quee,
Beverly" .

As more courses are confirmed, they will appear on the upcoming schedule
page at www.gaitways.com.

All pediatric courses serve the clinicians who work with adults with CNS
dysfunction also. Most of the course content is readily applicable to adults.

Thanks for your interest.

Billi Cusick, PT, MS

Beverly Cusick, MS, PT bcusick@gaitways.com

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