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unknown user
11-09-1992, 09:16 AM
NOVEMBER 10 1992

Dear Peter

In response to your request regarding further references on the
3-D kinematics and kinetics of volleyball a study conducted at
the Australian Instiute of Sport was published by Dr. Bruce
Mason, Dr. Mario LaFortune and P.A. Borgeaud in 1985 titled
'Biomechanical Analysis and Technical Intervention Program to
Enhance the Spiking Skills of Elite Volleyball Players'. While
the study was primarily concerned with lower body kinematics and
kinetics the study acknowledges 20 references of which some may
be of benefit to you.

The scientific report can be obtained from the National Sports
Research Centre at the Australian Sports Commission by writing to
the following address: The Education Officer, National Sports
Research Centre, PO Box 176, Belconnen ACT 2616, AUSTRALIA.

Hope this information is of benefit.

John Baker
Australian Institute of Sport