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Zoe Robertson
10-18-2000, 07:50 PM
I am in the final year if my Masters Degree in Engineering. I am
very interested in pursuing a career in Medical Engineering and in
particular in rehabilitation.

My final year project is to develop a partial weight bearing teaching
device. This will be a portable device which the patient will walk
over and be given an indication, either visual or audio, as to whether
they are applying the correct amount of weight. It is felt a more
dynamic system will help people to learn more accurately than the
traditional methods of pressing down on a weighing scale. The
main aim of this device is to make it cheap enough to be an
accessible resource to hospitals.

Before getting into the design I have to research what is already
around on the market. I was wondering if anyone had heard of such
devices or similar ones which could be helpful for my research.


Zoe Robertson

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