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Jorge C. Lucero
10-18-2000, 10:29 PM

I am working on computer simulations of the vibration of the human vocal
folds. For the simulations, each vocal fold is modelled as two coupled
mass-damper-stiffness system (two-mass model, Ishizaka and Flanagan,
1972). This model assumes a linear damping proportional to the fold
velocity ( with a term rv, where r is the damping coefficient and v the
fold velocity). However, I have noted that I get better results if I
replace this linear term by a nonlinear one of the form r(1+k|x|)v (or
also r(1+kx^2)v), where k is a coefficient and x is the fold displacement.
Now, this is only an observation from computer simulations, so I wonder if
there is some experimental evidence on tisue biomechanics which might
provide some support for using this kind of nonlinear damping. I have
checked the literature I have without success; so, could anyone help me
with some references (if available) or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Jorge C. Lucero
Department of Mathematics
University of Brasilia

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