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Adam Shortland
10-22-2000, 04:59 AM
The One Small Step Gait Laboratory is a relatively new lab located at Guy's
Hospital in Central London, UK. We see children with CP mainly, though we do
analyse the gait of other children and adults. Presently, the team consists
of a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon, paediatric neurologist, a
physiotherapist, an engineer and a clinical technologist. We are a happy
The laboratory is equipped with an Oxford Metrics (Vicon 370) passive marker
camera system, 3 AMTI force plates; emg; COSMED K4 respiratory analyser
amongst other stuff.
The laboratory has received funding for two temporary full-time posts
to start as soon as possible. Each post will have mixed clinical and
duties (more research than clinical). The positions are outlined below:

Post 1
Title: Biomechanical Engineer
Grade: Clinical Scientist B10-B12
Salary: approx. 23,000 pound sterling inc.
Term: 3 year appointment.
Qualifications/Experience: BSc/BEng.To have completed a recognised training
scheme for Engineers in Medicine or possess a PhD in Biomechanical
Engineering. Preference given to those experienced in the biomechanics of
Clinical Activity: The postholder’s chief clinical responsibilities will be
for data collection and analysis, and reporting of patient gait patterns and
other physiological measurements. S/he will contribute to the development of
advanced instrumentation and techniques for physiological measurement in
gait and movement analysis.
Research: One of our objectives is to find indices derived from gait data
that are correlated with function. The post holder will work towards
creating a robust index of stability in walking applicable to children with
spastic cerebral palsy.

Post 2
Title: Physiotherapist
Grade: Senior I
Salary: approx 23,000 pound sterling inc.
Term: 2 year appointment.
Qualifications/Experience: BSc. and research experience. State registration.
Experience in paediatric neurological problems. Preference given to
candidate with higher degree.
Clinical: Leading subject through gait analysis session. Data preparation.
Research: We are interested in the variability of the clinical examination,
with particular regard to muscle activation. The postholder will study the
influence of muscle activity in the measurement of range of motion and in
neurological testing.

Please contact Dr. Adam Shortland ( adam.shortland@virgin.net or
adam.shortland@gstt.sthames.nhs.uk ) for more detail and a chat.

Adam Shortland PhD, MIPEM
Clinical Engineer & Manager,
One Small Step Gait Laboratory,
Tel +44 (0) 20 7955 2339
Fax +44 (0) 20 7955 2340

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