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10-24-2000, 03:39 AM
Research engineer or post doctoral researcher, in the field of Xrays
medical imaging .

The ENSAM biomechanics laboratory in Paris (France) (CNRS UPRESA 8005,
Director Pr. F. Lavaste) has a position available for a CNRS Research
engineer or post doctoral researcher, specialized in informatics and/or
medical imaging, with good skills in C++ programming and notions in image
processing (shape recognizing, automatization of image processing, …). The
selected candidate will join a pluridisciplinar team of researchers in the
field of biomechanics (clinicians, mechanical engineers), for development
of a specific biomechanical and clinical application using Xrays images of
skeleton and osteoarticular system.
It is a one year position, with possible prolongation.
For more information on the ENSAM biomechanics laboratory you can visit web
site http://www.paris.ensam.fr
For information on the project and application contact :
Pr. W. Skalli,
Laboratoire de Biomécanique,
ENSAM, 151 Bd de l'hôpital
75013 Paris
Tel : 331 44 24 63 68
Mail : wafa.skalli@paris.ensam.fr

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