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Rich Hart
11-12-1992, 01:12 AM
This is a post of a meeting announcement and a call for papers for
BIOMED 93, the Second International Conference on Computers in Biomedicine.

The meeting will be held in Bath, UK from 29 September -- 1 October, 1993.

I went to BIOMED 91, the first such meeting, and would encourage you to
consider attending this second meeting. The topics covered are broader than
my usual research interests in Biomechanics, but the focus on computational
methods allows for interesting exchanges of ideas, and I very much enjoyed
attending the first meeting, BIOMED 91.

I have abstracted the following information from the Call for Papers
brochure. If you have questions, you can direct them to me or to the
Conference Secretariat at the address listed at the bottom of this posting.


RTH@BMEN.TULANE.EDU Richard T. Hart, Ph.D. (504)865-5889
Associate Professor FAX:(504)862-8779
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Tulane University
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118

Meeting Information

Abstracts due: 19 February 1993
Papers due: 1 June 1993
Final Acceptance: 1 July 1993

The conference themes are:

Simulation of Physiological Processes
Heart Biophysical Properties
Cardiovascular Physiology
Computational Methods of Electrophysiology
Engineering Modeling of Tissues
Tendon and Ligament Engineering
Cardiomechanical Studies
Artificial Organs
Computational Fluid Dynamics in Biomedicine
Cardiovascular Mechanics and Lung Flow
Respiratory Mechanics
Intestinal Flow
Kidney Flow
Dynamics of Valves
Orthopaedics/Bone Mechanics
Prosthesis Devices
Joint Replacement Design
Bone Remodeling
Crash-Injury Studies
Dental Mechanics
Movement Analysis Models
Electrical and Magnetical Simulation
EEG (Electro Encephalogram
MEG (Magneto Encephalogram)
Muscular Impulse Simulation
Imaging Processing
Imaging and Image Processing
Molecular Imaging
Anatomical Applications and Imaging
Computer Aided Tomography
Ultra Sound Imaging
3-D Imaging and 3-D Image Processing
Quantitative Medical Imaging
Treatment Planning
Computers for Radiation Treatment
Computers for Other Treatments
Data Acquisition and Analysis
Instrumentation Applications
The Conference Organizers are:
Chairman, C.A Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, Southampton, UK

Scientific Advisory Committee
J. Baynham, C M BEASY, Southampton
G. Griffin, EPTA, UK
D.A. Barr, Queens University of Belfast, UK
A. Cappozzo, ISB, UK
R.D. Ciskowski, IBM Corp., USA
R.T. Hart, Tulane University, USA
K.D. Held, Harvard Medical School, USA
L. Joshua Leon, University of Montreal, Canada
M.D. Nowak, University of Connecticut, USA
H. Power, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK
C.S. Peskin, New York University, USA
A.M. Sadegh, City University of New York, USA
R. Skalak, University of California, San Diego, USA

For more information and to express interest in attending, please contact
the conference secretariat
Audrey Lampard
Wessex Institute of Technology
Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst
Southampton S04 2AA, UK
Phone: (0703)293223, International Phone: 44 703 293223
FAX: (0703)292853, International FAX: 44 703 292853
E-mail: cmi@ib.rl.ac.uk