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Fernando Passold
11-12-1992, 01:17 AM
Dear Sir.: Fl 11/09/92
(List Moderator)

I would like to know the intend of this list and if I
could obtain some replies.

I am a researcher tacking part of Biomedical Engineering
Group Laboratory of Electrical Engineering Department at the
Federal University of Santa Catarina. We develop little
biomedical equipments and Expest Systems - such a Hospital
Infection Control Aid and a Hybrid System (rule-based and
neural network based) for Proposal and Evaluation of
Anesthesian Plan.

I am a master degree student, now, grapple in develop a
Expert Network (also called, hybrid system: those whom
combine neural networks with rule-based methods) for
Planning and Evaluation of Plans of Anesthesia, continuing
a PHD thesis, for Critical Patients (their who need
critical cares) or Problem Patients (exceptional cases of
patientes whom evaluate to critical patients). I have some
troubles choosing the most suitable approach to develop
this system. I do not know if neural networks could be the
key to solve the main part of the problem, because we are
dealing with exceptions that probably could best solved
throught a rule-based method. At lately, there are a few
shells systems applying object-orienthed technics with
rule-based or frames methods such the new Kappa PC
Application Development Systems for Windows environment,
from IntellCorp. Inc.. So, I am interested in
implementations of hybrid systems using object-oriented
programming. Maybe, there will be a way to link neural
networks simulators using object-oriented approach to
another heuristical languages such as Turbo-Prolog object-

I would be glad if someone could make a comment about
it, as well as indicate if there exists a _similar research_.

Please, reply directly to me as I am not subcribed to
this list.

Thanks a lot respect to this matter,

best regards,

Fernando Passold
Biomedical Engineering Group Lab.
E-mail: ee3fps@brufsc.bitnet

P.S.: I am interested in subcribing in your list if not a
large amount of material is normaly posted to it.