View Full Version : Pressure transducers for the foot.

Clayton D. Gable
11-13-1992, 07:08 AM
Open Request for Information ........

Our department has been contacted by some local physicians and physical
therapists. They have inquired about the possibility of measuring the
pressure at points of contact over the sole of the foot. They want to
do this in standing and then eventually measure the same thing during
the transitions that occur during gait.
Does anyone on the BIOMCH-List have any information concerning this
type of system. If not, does anyone on the list remember any
references either in printed media or in the BIOMCH-L log files
that may be of help.
Thank you in advance.

Clayton D. Gable, Ph.D., PT
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Therapy
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
(702) 895-3093