View Full Version : postural stability-application of an impulse from an environment

unknown user
11-06-2000, 01:56 AM
Let me describe my research for better understanding of what sort
of an information I need. Unfortunately I have not found any
corresponding information yet.
In my research an individual stands on a force platform, behind him
(her) is a fixed wire with a small cricket ball at the end. Its
weight is approximately 300 g. We drop the ball pointing onto the
approximate COM of the individual. The distance from which the ball
is dropped depends on the height and weight of the measured
individual. I would like to compare the differences in postural
stability between a person standing in quite and a person on whom is
applyed an impulse from an environment.
If you have some experiences with the same or similar research,
please, let me know.
Thank you very much Gabriela Birgusova

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