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Luca Cenciotti
11-06-2000, 10:04 PM
I am working on the study of the sinergies between shoulder and elbow in
planar reaching movements. We are trying to predict the elbow movements
the shoulder movements in order to understand what should be the final
position of the wrist (we are supposing to have no wrist movements) in
the subject while reaching. As a performance index, we are considering
the distance between the actual and predicted final positions of the
wrist. The goal of this studies is the development of a neuroprosthesis
for spinal cord injuried which no longer have the control of the elbow
junction. So, this error shold be within a few centimeters, in order to
be compensated by visual feedback and movement of the trunk.
Is there any reference or information on a "good" value of this
prediction error?

Thank in advance.
Luca Cenciotti


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