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Ton Van Den Bogert
11-07-2000, 01:07 AM
See below for some additional responses that were sent to me.


Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator

> From: "Andrew Rapoff"
> If security options are activated, can text and graphics STILL be selected?
> I am under the impression, that, no, they can not.

[TvdB] See also the Nov 6, 2000 posting by Ed Morra.
> From: "Gary Heise"
> The .PDF discussion is also appropriate from my perspective
> because the 2001 American Society of Biomechanics meeting will
> require all contributors to electonically submit abstracts in PDF
> format. Secondly, the educational price of Adobe Acrobat is only
> US$ 99.00.
> From: Jason Harrison
> Ton van den Bogert wrote:
> >Another advantage of PDF is that all readers will see exactly the same
> >formatting. With a Word document, you could submit a two-page abstract
> >to a conference, only to be told that the Word document was three pages
> >on their system. PDF solves that problem.
> Unfortunately this is not entirely true either, I have seen several
> PDF files that though they maintained the "formatting" characteristics
> you imply (page breaks, etc) they were for all intents and purposes
> "blank". This seemed to be related to special fonts being used by the
> creator that I did not have on my Unix system. Viewing the documents
> on a Windows NT system did allow me to read them and print them, but
> again at the printer some characters (S, P, R, N, D) were not rendered
> correctly.
> Finally, I have seen PDF files "explode" when sent to the printer
> making them very difficult to print because the printer did not have
> enough memory (eg, 1Meg PDF to 24Meg Postscript).
> The PDF format is rather nice and dependable, but it's not bullet
> proof yet.
> From: "Thambyah, Ashvin"
> just a point to note; a PDF file opened using Acrobat Reader can be copied
> and pasted into a Word file from which one can edit the text.

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