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11-07-2000, 05:09 PM
Dear all,

At present the gait laboratory that I am associated with is looking to buy a
number of high speed cameras for use with a two-dimensional motion analysis
system (Peak Technologies Inc). With limited funds, we have come to the
conclusion that the JVC GR-DVL 9800 would be sufficent and it has been
suggested that the sampling rates for this camera are 50, 100 and 200 Hz.
However, following conversations and research we have a number of concerns
with respect to the suitability of this camera, which follow:

a) Is the picture quality at 200Hz suitable for accurate identification of
reference markers, or will they appear blurred?

b) Is the image of a stationary object stable? That is, will it have a fixed
pixel position throughout successive frames.

c) If two or more cameras are used can they be fired by remote and scan at
the same time (or genlocked)

d) Can one video be captured by a peak motus system, and can the higher
speed (100 or 200 Hz)images be captured in digital format?

e) I assume that the mini DV tape duration is sixty minutes, if recording at
50 Hz?

I would be most grateful ti hear from anyone who has information, experience
or who could advise us,

many thanks,

Morgan Williams
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