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Hakan Lanshammar
11-15-1992, 07:07 PM
Dear BIOMCH-L readers,

The tragic death of Herman Woltring has come as a great shock and
personal loss to me.

I have known Herman for almost twenty years and it was always a great
pleasure to meet him at conferences and at other occasions. We had a
special relation since we were interested in the same areas of
biomechanics, and he really taught me a lot. Over the years, Herman
was always like a living encyclopedia for me. He always knew all the
references, and he kept a perfect track of what was going on at all
biomechanics laboratories over the world. I also enjoyed his company
very much on our numerous meetings.

Herman defended his Ph D thesis on the same day as I did, on May 13,
1977. Since he defended his thesis in the morning, while mine was
presented in the afternoon, he even took the opportunity to act as an
external "telephone examiner" for my thesis, which is an example of
the good humour he always showed.

I really want to express my deepest condolence with Herman's wife and

H†kan Lanshammar
Systems and Control Group
Uppsala University