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11-09-2000, 12:45 PM
Dear colleagues,

Can anyone supply with a list of references on biomechanical analyses of
patient handling techniques and any regulations, policies, safety warnings
or guidance notes that have resulted from such research. I am particularly
interested in the biomechanics of the top and tail technique for lifting
patients out of armchairs.

This is what I have found so far;

* W. Marras, K. Davis, B. Kirking and P. Bertsche, (1999), "A
comprehensive analysis of low back disorder risk and spinal loading during
the transferring and repositioning of patients using different techniques.",
Ergonomics 1999 Jul;42(7):904-26.

* W. Elford, L. Straker and G. Strauss, (2000), "Patient handling with
and without slings: an analysis of the risk of injury to the lumbar spine",
Applied Ergonomics, 31, pages 185-200.

* NSW Health Department Circular 97/35 dated 4 April 1997, on pages 39
to 40.


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