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H.l.p. Hurkmans
11-12-2000, 10:37 PM
Dear Biomch-L members,

I would like to thank all of the Biomch-L subscribers who
responded to my question for information on an ambulant
measuring device for vertical ground reaction force.


Henri Hurkmans
Here is a summary of the replies:

From:Fullmer Jim

I don't know of anything currently on the market. If I were trying to
do this, I know tekscan (http://www.tekscan.com) uses pressure
mapping sheets that could be placed in the shoe.

They have a "black box" that will turn the pressure mapped data
into a single signal which could be saved on a portable hard drive or
communicated with a remote computer via wireless technology.

Jim Fullmer
Human Factors Engineer
e-mail: FullmerJim@JohnDeere.com
John Deere Dubuque Works Phone: (319) 589-6695
18600 S. John Deere Rd. Fax: (319) 589-5464
P.O. Box 538
Dubuque, IA 52004-0538

From: Joseph W. Klaesner

We are currently working on such a system in our laboratory (we
have two papers currently "in press" on it). And you are right that
there is no current commercial system. The closest such system
is an accelerator based system (Step Activity Monitor system)
which straps to the ankle. Dr. J. Harris at Wisconsin
School of medicine has developed a system similar to what we are
developing. Cleveland Medical Devices also is in the development
stage of a system to monitor foot pressures for long lengths of
time. These pressure based systems are much more difficult to
develop that you would think. Our system will be ready in about 2
years, Cleveland's may be available shortly before that.

Joseph W. Klaesner, Ph.D.
Research Engineer/Assistant Research Professor
Washington University School of Medicine
Program in Physical Therapy
4444 Forest Park Blvd.
Rm. 1101, Box 8502
St. Louis, MO 63108-2212
(314) 286-1436
(314) 286-1410 (FAX)
email: klaesnej@msnotes.wustl.edu
Home Page: http://medicine.wustl.edu/~klaesnej/

From: Clifford M.Les, DVM, PhD

Contact Dr. Sue Bowley (sbowley@mail.arc.nasa.gov) at NASA
Ames research center. They have a insole GRF device attached to
a fannypack that can collect data for several days.

Clifford M. Les, DVM, PhD
Bone and Joint Center
2015 Education and Research Building
Henry Ford Hospital
2799 West Grand Boulevard

From:Uwe Kersting

We've used the novel Pedar system quite extensively for long term
workspace investigations. Although your demands seem to be not
fulfilled by the system we actually have, I could imagine that novel
maybe offers some special software packages which might be a
way for you to go. Try http://www.novel.de.

Another company which was involved in our long term
measurements is biovision.

Dr. Uwe G. Kersting
German Sport University Cologne
Institute for Athletics and Gymnastics
Carl-Diem-Weg 6
D50933 Cologne
- Germany -
Phone: ++49 221 4982 416
Fax: ++49 221 4973 454
e-mail: kersting@hrz.dshs-koeln.de


I have just finished a review article for physiological measurement in
ambulatory subjects. It will hopefully be published by the IOP in
Physiological Measurement in February. It covers the technology
of data logging devices not telemeterised, which can give you more
flexibility. There are systems by Vitaport and Onset which have
large storage capacities which may allow collection for 10hrs. If
you require more info I may be able to forward you a copy of the

Dept of Sport and Exercise Sciences and
Centre for Biomedical Electronics
University of Limerick
Tel - +353 (0) 86 6090866 or +353 (0) 61 202810
Fax - +353 (0) 61 330431
e-Mail - ross.anderson@ul.ie
WWW - www.ul.ie/~pess/
End of replies

Henri Hurkmans
afd. Fysiotherapie/Dijkzigt
kamer: H-017
tst.: 33950
email: hurkmans@fyth.azr.nl

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