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Lorcan Coffey
11-12-2000, 10:42 PM
Below is a list of the replies to my enquiry. Thanks for the replies,
and sorry for not posting them sooner.

I am working on a project that aims to validate a digital human model
> used in the ergonomic analysis of workplace design. The aim of the
> validation is to study how realistic the biomechanical aspects of the
> model are by comparing with human subjects. During my literature
> on this subject I have noticed several authors mentioning the need for

> the establishment of a standardised validation criterion for such
> models. This would allow different models to be objectively compared
> a potential user could choose the model that best suits his/her
> application. My question is this:
> Is anyone aware of any such standard validation criteria being used or

> proposed?
> If anyone has carried out work in a similar area I would be grateful
> hear from them and to hear of any advice they have to offer on this
> matter.
> Thanks in advance,
> Lorcan Coffey
> Bioengineering Research Centre
> Dept of Mechanical Engineering
> University College Dublin
> Belfield
> Dublin 4
> Republic of Ireland
> Tel: ++353-1-7061878
> Email: lorcan.coffey@ucd.ie

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Rush Green Wrote:

I would suggest contacting Aernout Oudenhuijzen of The Netherlands
Organization at oudenhuijzen@tm.tno.nl. Aernout has been working on a
very similar project. Another person to contact would be Don Chaffin of
the University of Michigan at dchaffin@umich.edu. Don has worked
in the field of human strength and movement modeling for many years.
You may also be interested in the activities of the SAE G-13
Committee on Human Modeling Technology and Standards. See the web site
at http://www.sae.org/technicalcommittees/g13.htm for more

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