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Beverly Cusick
11-13-2000, 07:04 AM
Hello, colleagues in rehabilitation sciences -

Those of you who are involved in the management of lower-extremity
deformities in children and adults with neuromotor dysfunction might be
interested in these courses. In the spirit of team learning and cooperation
on behalf of optimum patient care, PTs, orthotists, PT assistants
(accompanied by a supervising PT), orthopedists, orthopedic technicians
(accompanied by a physical therapist or physician from the same facility),
rehabilitation physicians, and podiatrists are all invited to attend.

New York is coming up. Australia and New Zealand are on the schedule in
March and April of 2001.

Beverly Cusick, PT, MS

www.gaitways.com/bcsked .
Beverly Cusick, MS, PT bcusick@gaitways.com

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