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unknown user
11-17-1992, 10:35 AM
Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

Biomch-L has now reached the impressive number of 700 subscribers.
In recent months, there have been many new subscribers. Welcome,
all of you!

For the newcomers, I want to quickly mention a few things about
Biomch-L, on behalf of the team of Biomch-L moderators. It is
almost unthinkable to continue Biomch-L without Herman Woltring,
but we will do our best.

1. Anyone can post anything they want on the 'bulletin board', by
All mail sent to these addresses is distributed immediately to
all subscribers. In the past there has been some concern over
'junk' mailings from non-subscribers, but there is (as yet) no
reason to restrict postings. We would welcome the following kind
of messages:

- Conference announcements
- Job announcements
- Public discussions on topics of general interest
- Calls for help
- Replies to any of the above

2. If you reply to a 'call for help', it is up to you to decide
whether to do it publicly (to Biomch-L) or privately (to the
original poster). If private replies are received, it is common
practice that the original poster makes a summary of all replies
and posts that to Biomch-L. Please remember to do that. That
way, everybody can benefit, without getting a mailbox overload.
If the topic is of general interest, we would like to encourage
public replies. Some very good public discussions have gotten
started that way.

3. If you use the 'reply' key of your mail software, the reply
should normally go to the original poster. At least, that is
how the list was installed. You can actually see that the
header of each Biomch-L message contains different lines with
From:, Sender:, and Reply-To: . For a public reply, you should
enter the Biomch-L address manually, instead of relying on the
'reply' command.
Some mailers however, will act differently on these headers.
Usually the program tells you where the mail is going, and ask
for confirmation before actually sending it.

We (the Biomch-L moderators) are preparing a file with
more detailed information. That file will be installed on
LISTSERV, and we will announce it when it is ready for
downloading. That file will also contain information about
the 'file server' functions of Biomch-L. In the meantime, the
moderators will be happy to answer your questions.

With kind regards,

The Biomch-L moderators:
Krystyna Gielo-Perczak
Ton van den Bogert
Christoph Reinschmidt