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Piyoosh Rai
11-15-2000, 12:28 AM
dear sir/madam,
some days ago you received a mail from tarang kaushal from India.She happens to be my project partner and the 3d face generation is being tried by both of us.We are in the graduation year of our M.C.A(6 years) programme and need your help to make the project happen.
First of all, by what means can we convert the scanned picture into the form where the points can be marked?
Secondly,by what means can we take the measurements which would give us the exact shape,size and the location of the object on the surface(a face in this case)?and last of all can you recommend some books or papers that we can go through so that we can understand the concept of anthropometry better or that would help us directly or indirectly in our project?
We are in need of your help and hope that you can help us.
There are some constraints that we have to face. We cannot use any form of exterior light source or for that matter any physical body part.We are thinking of taking photographs of the face from three different angles as the input and secondly we have PCs that are PentiumIII approx 550Mhz.we would be highly obliged if you could help us.
Thanking you,
Piyoosh Rai.
3rd year M.C.A
International Institute of Professional Studies(IIPS)
Devi Ahilya University,

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