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unknown user
11-15-2000, 04:25 AM
We have a 12-year-old used NAC HSV-200 high speed video system that may be of
use to someone (for parts?). The central recording system itself does not work
(we were unable to determine why) but the cameras, strobe lights, power unit,
etc... all work fine. It was purchased new in 1988 from NAC directly and is
just in storage now.

This is a list of each piece with model number:
Equipment Model
Color Monitor TX-1405AA
Power Unit V-501
VCR Recorder V-30
2 color 200Hz cameras V-10
2 strobe lights V-22
Strobe light power supply V-09

If anyone would be interested in the system or any of its parts (you pay
shipping cost), please contact:

Jennifer Ocif
Performance Engineer
Human Performance Engineering Lab
Reebok International, Ltd
Canton, MA
(781) 401-4020

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