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J-k Francis Suh, Ph.d.
11-15-2000, 04:39 AM
The Tulane Computational Biomechanics Laboratory (formerly the Tulane
Cartilage Laboratory) invites applications for graduate assistantships at
the Master's & Doctoral level in the field of soft tissue
biomechanics. Eligible students will participate in one of several ongoing
projects; they include experimental characterizations of viscoelasticity of
soft tissues, computational simulations of dynamic behaviors of soft
tissues under impact loading, injury and repair of soft tissues, and tissue
engineering. Soft tissues currently under investigations include articular
cartilage, tendon, ligament, and brain tissues. Students with academic
backgrounds in continuum mechanics, finite element method, and
instrumentation and experiments with computer skills (UNIX and C
programming language) are encouraged to apply. A strong interest in life
science, biology or related disciplines may also be necessary, since most
of our projects are multidisciplinary with close collaborations between
bioengineers, biologists, and clinicians.

The assistantships include a competitive stipend with full tuition coverage
and fringe benefits. The Tulane Biomedical Engineering program has a long
history of excellent education and research since its foundation in 1977,
and the Tulane Computational Biomechanics Laboratory has been recently
established through the Whitaker Special Opportunity Award. The Laboratory
has a strong cohesive working environment among various nationalities and
ethnic groups. Further detailed information about the Laboratory can be
found at our website (http://www.bmen.tulane.edu/~fsuh/index.html) sorry
that the laboratory name on the web page has not been updated
yet. Interested students should contact:

J-K. Francis Suh, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Tulane University
Lindy Boggs Center, Suite 500
New Orleans, LA 70118
Tel) 504-865-5852
Fax) 504-862-8779
E-Mail) fsuh@tulane.edu

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