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11-15-2000, 07:12 AM
Dear Gerald (and the rest of biomch-l),

You asked me where I got the editable version of the Public Health Service
grant application (PHS398)in PDF format. I did a net search (using
www.dogpile.com) and typed "PHS398 AND pdf" so that it would find PDF
versions of the PHS398 grant form. I had many choices; although the one I
found most useful was the one from J.S. Kocar at "Biomed Ink"
(www.biomedink.com). The file name is "phs398_aa-kk.pdf" and is freely
downloadable. It contains the full PHS398 document (forms aa-kk) in one
file and contains editable fields. (Note, the pdf version available on the
NIH web site (www.nih.gov) does not contain editable fields. You simply
print out the blank forms, and then use a typewriter, or mess with your
printer to line things up--not very useful in my opinion.)

The file from Biomed Ink is 334Kb in size, and I can email it to anyone who
has trouble downloading it from the biomedink web site. It contains clear
instructions for its use (including directions for using it with Adobe
Acrobat Reader vs. the full version of Adobe Acrobat). I highly recommend
using it with the full version--otherwise make sure you keep your computer
on and Acrobat Reader active throughout the entire process. If your machine
hangs, and you have to reboot, then you begin with a blank form each time
(not fun).

Good luck to everybody. Let me know if you have any other questions.



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Dear Richard,

I would be very interested in where you got PHS398 in PDF format. I
suspect others would be too. If it was already posted, I missed it.

Thanks a lot.

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