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Gabriel Robles
11-20-2000, 01:56 AM
Dear BioMech members,

I am a researcher at McGill University's Haptics Laboratory. I am
organizing an international mailing list to share information about
haptics research. This area includes the human sense of touch/kinesthesia,
and research in human-machine interfaces and applications that use
haptics. I think that biomechanics and haptics share important common
ground. I am writing to invite you all to join the new list. Here you
have more information.

Currently, the list has members from fourteen countries on four
continents. Members include world leaders in the field. The list is
dedicated to exchanging information on all aspects of haptics research.
It is a moderated list, no spam is allowed. A major purpose of
the list is to keep members up-to-date about new advances in haptics. As
you know, keeping abreast of new developments in this area is very difficult
because of the interdisciplinary nature of the field. List members are
encouraged to submit information on new research/papers in four broad

Human haptic performance, perception and cognition

Information on events of interest to the haptics community is also
accepted. Information on commercial systems is kept to a minimum.

To join the list or to request more information, please send e-mail to

I wish to thank Dr. Van Den Bogert for his comments on this posting.
Thanks to you all, too.

Gabriel Robles, PhD


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